I find fulfillment in seamlessly blending code and design to craft resilient software that brings joy to users.

Highly skilled at developing scalable web applications using modern frameworks, with a proven track record of optimizing performance and ensuring robust security.


From designing intuitive UIs that captivate users to engineering robust applications tailored for scalability, my expertise is a fusion of form and function.

Artistry in UI/UX

While I might not be the stereotypical designer, I have an eye for detail that goes beyond just code. My time is often spent deep in stylesheets, adjusting font aesthetics, and orchestrating responsive layouts. Crafting a seamless user experience, one that feels intuitive yet stylish, is my kind of art.

Precision in Code & Systems

My toolkit? A diverse range of tools suited for crafting impeccable JavaScript applications. But here's the thing: I'm not bound by them. Stripping things down to basics, I deliver solutions that are not only quick but can stand the test of time. Performance and scalability aren't just buzzwords for me; they're benchmarks I set for every project.

I merge pixels &

From open source endeavors, to web apps, & curious experimentations.

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I write,

Bits about design, frontend tips, learning experiences, & life's moments.

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Before now,

My journey began at Starlabel, where I embraced the foundational rigors of web development, ensuring optimal website performance and functionality.

At Venture Garden Group, I enhanced a cross-border payment solution, bolstering user engagement. My initiatives in multi-language accessibility widened our user base, while rapid development of critical components streamlined our processes.

With Bellhop Inc., I championed strategies, from A/B testing that boosted lead generation to a comprehensive website redesign, elevating user experience.


NextJS + PostgreSQL + Tailwind

A web music player that allows users to play and manage their music playlist seamlessly.


HTML + CSS + JavaScript

Space is a convenient hotel booking landing page

Avatar generator

TypeScript + NextJS + SCSS

A user-friendly app that provides an engaging experience for users seeking to create custom avatars.

Let's elevate your product's experience together. Whether you're launching a new venture or elevating an existing one, I'm here to transform its digital journey.

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